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I post THREE different stories each week, with G-D's help.

"Intriguing stories of Kabbalah sages, Chasidic masters, and other Jewish heroes"

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Week #188 -- for Saturday night, December 9, CHANUKAH

PRINTABLE--on this site:

"THE NAZI’S GRANDSON FROM BORDEAUX" (s1356/12 - 1319 words)

“I noticed a young man standing at the back, looking a little bewildered and out of place. It turned out he spoke neither Hebrew nor English, but I managed to communicate with him in broken French.”

Archive for the 12 previous print stories from this year, 5784 (starting Rosh Hashana).

Archive for the print stories from the four previous Jewish years 5780-5783.


AUDIO #79: "CHANUKAH IN BERGEN-BELSEN" (s217-7:16 min)

“But how does the Rebbe know?” sputtered the chasid. The Rebbe Yoelish of Satmar smiled, “I heard. I heard all about it.”

Saturday night 7:30 - WhatsApp or Email


VIDEO #33: "BEND DOWN FOR HER" (s267-5:40 min)

When Rebbe David of Tolna lit his magnificent pure gold menorah, it was clear to all that he was in an exalted spiritual state, and intensely focused.

Saturday night 7:50 - WhatsApp or Email or YouTube

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To separate from the Baal Shem Tov was very difficult, even though the reason was that he was leaving for the Holy Land.




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