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"Intriguing stories of Kabbalah sages, Chasidic masters, and other Jewish heroes"

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Week #214 -- for THURSday night, June 5, 2024

PRINTABLE--on this site:

"UCLA, USC, and Members of the Tribe" (s1384/41 - 1504 words)

One boy told me that his family was so disconnected from their Jewish roots that they sent him to Catholic school, and for his bar mitzvah took him to tour Italy’s cathedrals and museums.

Why this week? The last aliyah of this week’s Torah section, Shelach, presents the mitzvah of attaching tzitzit to four-cornered garments. [The text also comprises the final paragraph of the Shma Yisrael prayer.]

Archive for the 40 previous print stories from this year, 5784 (starting Rosh Hashana).

Archive for the print stories from the four previous Jewish years 5780-5783.

AUDIO #105: "LOYALTIES" (s603 - 5:19)

One year the merchant's plan for his yearly stop in Lubavitch to visit the Tzemech Tzedek was disrupted. One of his best customers had trouble raising the money for his usual order, so the chasid was forced to postpone his travels.

Why this week? The last paragraph of the story and the final fifteen verses of this week’s Torah reading, Beha’alotecha.

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VIDEO #167: "VERY VERY HUMBLE" (s498 - ???? min)

Rabbi Shmuel-Abba of Zichlin sent a sum of money to the Holy Land every three months for the orphans of Rabbi Moshe of Lelov.

Why this week? 1) The last three paragraphs of the story and the final fifteen verses of this week’s Torah reading, Beha’alotecha.
Importance and love of the Holy Land is a major theme in next week’s Torah reading, S

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