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As told by Yerachmiel Tilles,
co-founder and first educational director of Ascent-of-Safed, originator and maintainer of this website, and managing editor of Kabbala Online. He has hundreds of published stories in many venues and in (at least) a half dozen languages. He tells them live in Tsfat (Safed) nearly every week, at his home on Friday evenings and at Ascent on Saturday nights.

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."The Hot Dog Revenge"

"What!" protested Professor Velvl Greene to Rabbi Moshe Feller, "You know I don't keep kosher. And since I don't keep kosher in my house, why do I need a kosher meal on the plane?"

Connection-Weekly Reading of Re'ey, where we are told which animals, fowl and fishes Jews must not eat. (Deut. 14:4-11)


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"The Kapo that Helped a Rebbe"

Last week we were ready to finalize my daughter's engagement, but then some people told me the boy's grandfather was a kapo in the Holocaust and we should stay far away from them.

Connection: Seasonal--21 Menachem-Av (Erev Shabbat) is the 64th yahrzeit of Rabbi Aharon of Belz

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"Pierre- Louis and the Baal Shem Tov"

The Baal Shem Tov once gave one of his followers a closed envelope and asked him to travel to the castle of the local landowner, Count Radzvill, and after two days to open the envelope.

Connection: The Weekly Reading of Shoftim contains a strong exhortation (Deut. 18:13-15) to not be led astray by non-Jewish practices, and for spiritual; guidance to listen only to the Jewish prophet of the time.


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