The Ascent Experience at the

Birchat Hachama / "Blessing the Sun" Festival

* Sunrise Gathering for the Blessing with the Chief Rabbi of Tsfat (Safed)

and a broad spectrum of local residents

* Huge Communal Seder
* Lessons and Workshops in Kabbalah
* Old City Tours in the Footsteps of the Kabbalistic Sages
* Live 'Tsfat Style' Music
* And Many Surprises

For further details and registration
from Israel:1-800-30-40-70, 04-692-1364 ext. 0
from abroad: 972-4 692-1364 ext. 0, fax: 972-4 692-1942
2 Ha'Ari, Old City, Tsfat

For the entire festival, April 8-15 2009, click to the Sun Blessing Festival website.

For a good article explaning the once-every-28-years Sun Blessing, click here.


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