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Quotes from (unless otherwise indicated)
"Bringing heaven Down to Earth"
by Tzvi Freeman


Ceiling of Kabbalah-designed
Abuhav Synagogue
Ascent-in-Safed sideways!
Kabbalah-Tree window of Ari Synagogue
View south from the Ascent upper balcony
View west from the Ascent lower balcony
"G-d is not Nature...but Nature is G-dly"
Working for a living is good. It's the anxiety over making a living
that is not good.
Don't let your inner self get involved in your business.
That inner self must be preserved for fulfilling your purpose in life. Making lots of miney is not your purpose in life.
Despair is the diametric opposite of everything in which we believe
in other words: It is a Denial of Reality.
It is a denial that there is a G-d that directs all of his creation
and watches over every individual
and assists each one in what he must accomplish...

Beauty cannot be touched.
It cannot be described or explained.
The more we uncover Beauty, the more it eludes us.
Beauty is where the world makes a window
for the light of the infinite to shine in.

**View from an Ascent hike of Lake Kinneret and the Golan Heights

Pillars from ancient synagogue at Meron
According to local tradition, when the arch crumbles Moshiach will be here.

Ascent's Tal Mandel in action,
teaching from the spectacular Ascent diagram for studying the Ten Sephirot

People don't care how much you know
untill they know how much you care.

G-d commands the Jews, “Six days shall your work be done, and the seventh day will be holy for you, a Shabbat of Shabbats for G-d...”(Ex. 35:2). G-d desired that Shabbat be preceded by six days of work. Nevertheless, this verse is also commanding us to not delve into the physical world, running after our livelihood more than absolutely necessary. The Jews need not (actively) “do the work” to make a living, rather (passively) “it will be done”. The necessary tasks will be completed, effortlessly, and even by others, if the Jews will do G-d’s will. ...

...“You shall toil with your hands in order to eat; you will be happy and have goodness” (Psalms 128:2, and also quoted in Pirkei Avot). How will a person receive good? By using his or her hands to do work, but reserving the heart and mind for G-d. G-d’s blessing brings wealth; staying the extra hours at the computer is not what causes great profit.

Rabbi Shaul-Yosef Leiter, director of Ascent

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