Personal Torah Codes at Ascent

by Dan Posner


I had the extraordinary experience at ASCENT of having my name revealed to me in a matrix of the Torah Reading of my birth. This has convinced me of the truth that everything comes from G-d in the deepest way. Not only did He create me the way I am, He also chose to reveal it through the efforts of your staff, particularly Rabbi Eli Kaye, and show that with His love He wrote me in the Torah for all to see.

This experience of revealing my self through the codes of the Torah is both amazing and frightening. When you take something on faith sometimes you can put it aside and not pay attention to it. However, when you see it written in the living Torah no longer can you put it aside. You now know that you are who and why you are because of The Holy One, Blessed Be He.

I am still shaking form this revelation. When the Jews stood at Mount Sinai they told Moshe please you tell us because the direct communication from Hashem was too much.

I have learned that if the light of the Ein Sof blessed be he, was not filtered through the worlds above we could not stand it. By showing me my personal part in the Torah it is as if you made a microscopic tear in these filters and just for the smallest amount of time possible you let his light, full strength, blaze down into my soul, and help him create an even stronger connection with me. There is nothing in this world I could ever do to thank you for this revelation.

I think that every Jew that comes to the Ascent should be able to experience this.


Daniel Posner is a computer maven and photo journalist who recently moved to Tsfat from Crispin in the Golan.

Rabbi Eliyahu Kaye, director of the Ascent Media Center, developed the technique of blending certain computer programs to find one's personal verse inthe Torah and extract remarkable results for personal analysis

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