Erev Lag b'Omer 5776 (Wed., May 25, 2016)

Dear Subscribers and Readers,
Shalom and blessings from the holy city of Tzefat (Safed).

My friends: As you know, I have been translating, adapting, editing, compiling and e-mailing a story a week for the past nineteen years to many thousands of subscribers and readers. I hope you have been enjoying and benefiting from them, for however many years you have been with me, as much as I have enjoyed composing and sending them to you. From my archives, I culled nearly one hundred twenty of my best stories, mostly original translations and personal recordings, for a 3-volume series called "Saturday Night, Full Moon", for print and e-book publication.

Copies of the first volume are still available. (excerpts)

Book 2, "Festivals of the Full Moon": Wondrous Stories for the Jewish Holidays, is slated to be printed next month! It has 25% more pages than vol. 1 , yet will be sold for the same price. (PDF preview) BUT...

I would appreciate your help. If you would like to be a partner in its production and to have included in it your sponsorship page, dedication or simply your name and location, I and all the staff at Ascent will be deeply grateful. Details are below.

Something else you can do, which does not cost a cent, is to send me an email with a short note about how much and why you enjoy these stories. Please include your city and country; perhaps your comment will make it onto the book cover.

I sincerely thank each one of you for helping me in whatever way to keep the project going. We appreciate your help and concern and desire for involvement. May the Creator of All bless you with all that you truly need.
Yerachmiel Tilles


How YOU can become a partner in this special project:

Be a Patron for $360 (1/3 page dedication)

Be a Sponsor for $260 (1/4 page dedication)

Be a Benefactor for $180 (1/5 page dedication)

Be a Supporter for $101 (honored mention on the 'Page of Angels')

(All donations of over $100 receive a free book)


Special offer for Special Partners:

Full page in the front of the book, $1800

Full page at the back of the book, $1000

(Five books will be air-mailed to the recipients of your choice for each full page donation)


DEADLINE for Patrons, Partners and Dedications: June 17, 2016.


To contribute by credit card or PayPal, please use the secure server on our daughter site, KabbalaOnline-shop. Specify that it is for "Storybook #2 - dedication" and include your text in the box provided. Also email me a copy of the text for your dedication.

Check and Wire instructions available on request.

Please specify if you want a tax deduction in the US, UK, Canada or Israel.


Enjoy our emails? Please help us continue sending content like this by dedicating an email or donating.




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